WHY Choose US?

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Same day scheduling
  • Pickup in 30 minutes or less generally
  • Phone orders
  • Email or website orders for approved customers streamlines the process
  • GPS tracking available on request
  • Transparent pricing with no surcharging or hidden fees
  • Surveillance cameras in most vehicles
  • Professional drivers
  • Drivers wear uniforms
  • Background checked drivers
  • All vehicles are fully insured
  • Increase profit
  • Reduction in payroll, overtime costs, and workers comp claims
  • Reduced insurance for your business
  • No need for your own company vehicles
  • No more personnel problems
  • Lower your operating cost by only paying for drivers/vehicles when you need them
  • Increase your business by expanding your delivery availability
  • HIPAA compliant medical Drivers
  • Temperature controlled vehicles for medical runs
  • Insulated bags used when transporting pharmaceuticals, which meets OSHA standards
  • Dry ice used in medical transport vehicles upon request
  • All medical drivers carry bio-hazard spill kits
  • HIPAA compliant medical drivers
  • HITRUST CSF Certification to be completed in early 2020

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